How to Create Gender-Neutral Bathrooms Without Relying on Architects

I’m chiaki, an architect. To those owning large buildings, have you been pondering how to respond to the recent news regarding restrooms?

Today, I want to discuss a design approach for gender-neutral restrooms that can be implemented without the need for a specialist architect, aimed at corporate managers grappling with this issue.

To put it simply, I recommend installing at least two unisex restrooms, akin to priority seating on trains. Let’s call these “Priority Restrooms.”

The key is to make these restrooms accessible and comfortable for everyone. This approach enables even those who are not openly transgender to use the facilities without worry.

In locations with existing multi-purpose restrooms, adding just one extra individual stall might suffice. This makes the restrooms more approachable for those who feel excluded from using the multi-purpose options.

Incorporating entertainment elements or making these restrooms a pleasant stop during a walk could also be valuable considerations.

There’s no need for major renovations. Simple, low-threshold modifications with thoughtful, monochromatic interiors are sufficient. This creates an environment that doesn’t evoke gender-specific associations.

Finally, as an architect, my plea is to implement such initiatives in schools and other places, reducing the number of children struggling with their gender identity. This will ultimately create a happier environment even for those currently considered “able-bodied.”




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