About Well-being in the Office

Today, I’d like to write about what makes an environment where one can work while feeling their best. It’s great to have a sense of fulfillment and usefulness in the workplace.

Suddenly, I have a question… How many new acquaintances or friends do you all make in a month?

Due to my profession in architectural design, I need to deeply understand my clients’ personalities as we envision their future together. Architects, of course, design, but we also propose futures that clients need. Because of this, I often receive requests for career advice or consultations and have the opportunity to lecture at universities or be invited to seminars and interviews.

When giving advice, it can be difficult to grasp the essence of the consultee’s problems. From my analysis, one reason could be that they have few new interpersonal relationships or spend too much time with similar types of people, which prevents them from recognizing their own good qualities. I have experienced many problems being resolved by meeting new people myself.

Being in the same community or constantly around similar people makes it difficult to discover one’s strengths. Meeting different people helps you see your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, having a friend who excels in a sport and becomes an Olympic athlete can make it difficult to recognize your own worth if you are around people with similar talents. Moreover, being in environments where you are compared or comparing yourself can sometimes decrease happiness.

Have you not found that meeting people with different cultures and customs has helped you resolve many issues, including career-related ones? Participating in seminars or networking events is good, but I recommend using shared offices.

I am a tenant in a shared office, and truly, a wide variety of people are here. There are company employees, remote workers, professionals, people from large corporations, and government workers, ranging from startups to big companies, of various nationalities and ages. Having been in many different communities, I feel the most comfortable here.

The difference with networking events lies in the daily building of small relationships. Just having three, three-minute conversations while making coffee can lead to nine minutes of talking. Through these repetitions, I have discovered many of my strengths and have formed collaborations. Business owners understand the importance of this, but others practicing it can achieve greater results. If you are unsure about yourself, I highly recommend trying a shared office.

I’ve strayed a bit from the topic, but when thinking about the future of offices, it is crucial for large corporations to create environments where natural interactions with many departments can occur.

There are also many innovative security products emerging. Having branches in shared offices or taking workcations to work in different places and experience different values seems important. For a well-being office, it is essential to interact frequently with people from different companies.

It’s often said in Japan that “luck is brought by people,” and I truly believe it.

In the future, how we interact with people from different companies or towns while working in an office will become a key element in office design.

Chiaki architect and associates

Interior architect