Consider Partnering with Us for Your New Business Launch or Relocation!

At Chiaki Architect and Associates, we are strengthening our interior design services by offering initial design proposals at a low cost exclusively through online interactions!

Are you a restaurant, beauty salon, daycare center, or office owner facing these concerns?

✓Unsure how to request a design?

✓Wondering if there are benefits to working with an architectural firm?

✓Struggling to finalize your design vision?

✓Uncertain about how to select contractors for construction?

To expand our interior business, Chiaki Architect and Associates is now offering a trial service called “Riding Design” specifically for business owners preparing to open new offices, restaurants, retail shops, and beauty salons. This service is available not only to domestic clients but also to international businesses, providing design at a fair price.

Trial Service Details

Instead of the traditional process of meetings followed by layout planning and then 3D design, we start by establishing the visual concept, then proceed to create drawings and 3D models tailored to your budget for ordering construction work. We certainly follow trends, but our focus is on designing specifically for your business. First, review the concept sheet, then proceed to the official contract. We’ve prepared this trial menu to allow you to experience our services.

Benefits of Working with an Architectural Firm!

Brand Strengthening

While you might think that paying for design is costly and wasteful, we offer unique, original designs not just based on trends or styles.

✓Check Function

  • We check if the estimates are fair.
  • We can accompany you in dealing with the contractor during construction.
  • Compliance with laws is required even in interior construction.

Process of the ‘Riding Design’ Trial Menu

The advantage of Riding Interior Design is that by creating a final image initially, you can start your marketing activities quickly during the detailed design phase. This speeds up the process from design decision to construction, enabling a quicker start to your business.

Steps in the Riding Design Process

Please contact us via the inquiry form.

After your payment, we will send you a list of questions.

We will send you the concept sheet. If you like it, we will proceed to the formal contract. For those who want more than three proposals or have different needs depending on the scale or purpose, please contact us for a separate estimate. Prices start from ¥100,000 (excluding tax).

Example Proposals

Guest House


About Chiaki Uematsu

Chiaki Uematsu

Japanese First-class Architect, No. 364103 

Education and Career:

  • 2007-2011: Studied architecture at Shinshu University under Professor Takuo Sakagyu.
  • 2011-2012: Worked at an architectural firm.
  • 2012-2014: Freelance.
  • 2014-2021: Chief Designer at Yamada Mamoru Architectural Office.
  • 2021-Present: Established Chiaki Uematsu Architectural Office.


  • Selected for the 6th edition of APTWomen, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government initiative.
  • Selected for the 8th edition of the METI and JETRO’s Startup Next Innovator.
  • Special Award at the Awaji Startup Queen Contest, hosted by Pasona Group.
  • Winner of the IT category at the ROCKET PITCH NIGHT SPRING 2022.

Background: Born in Odawara, Kanagawa, Chiaki moved frequently during her childhood due to her father’s job, living in cities such as Takatsuki, Uozu, and Joetsu. Inspired to study architecture from middle school, she committed to becoming an architect during her university years. After graduation, she worked on various projects including houses, nurseries, and commercial facilities. She joined Yamada Mamoru Architectural Office to learn more about public architecture and worked on projects like the renovation of the Nippon Budokan for Tokyo 2020 Olympics. In March 2021, she opened her own architectural office and is currently preparing a startup business.

Main Works: Office interiors, private residences, apartment buildings, nurseries, commercial facilities, government buildings, sports facilities, bathroom renovations, signage planning, product design, graphic design, etc.

Media Appearances: Featured in Maintanable, Nikkei WOMAN, MAC FAN, and more.

Editorial Supervision: ARUHI Magazine, among others.

During Yamada Mamoru Architectural Office: Interviews about the Nippon Budokan renovation, appeared in the manga “Why People Aim for the Nippon Budokan” by Yoko Yamada.

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